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Making Optimum use of Social Media Platforms

22 Dec

While participating on social media platforms there are several things that need to be taken care of. In today’s time when almost everyone uses social media it’s really easy to get to the root of your personality by having a look at your profile that you have on Facebook or the kind of tweets that you have tweeted on twitter. You can showcase your skills in any arena with the help of a blog of your own.

While using social media be very careful about the kind of content that you are posting as it may have a far reaching effect on your audience. The audience can be your bosses or the management of an organization where you intend to work in future. It can be your co workers or your juniors who draw inspiration from you. Make sure whatever you post is thought provoking and not some ordinary crap like thousands of micro bloggers who claim to be leaders in their respective niches and keep posting nothing more than crap copied and pasted from other websites. In case you are looking to be noticed by real business people concentrate on the quality of the content rather than the quantity.

Make sure you are posting something that is different from the herd that’s there on the platform. You need to have a USP of your own that no one else has over there. Challenging the conventional system will take courage but the fruits are going to be sweet enough to be cherished for year’s together. If you are trying to promote a link don’t overdo it as you may prove to be a parasite rather than a contributor to that particular platform.

Try not to wear your emotions while posting on social media websites as this will really go against you. Lace your posts with humor and humility this will surely work in the long run. Take care not to show your anger and frustration on the platform instead present it in a way that you take the issue head on and not the person.

One trend that I have personally noted is that spammers will go off the topic and talk about something that is not in any way related to the topic that is being discussed on the platform but will keep ranting about something that they know really well or is related to their website. Social Media Websites are there to give opinions and not to pass judgments. Refrain yourself from giving out any judgment on any product, place, organization or individual. Who knows tomorrow you may need them the most.

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Reputation Management and Branding your Organization

21 Dec

Online Reputation and brand is something that can’t be built overnight but can be destroyed in seconds. One wrong move, one single rumor or even a small campaign from one of your competitors is more than enough to ruin your brand and online reputation that has been built after years of hard work. Online Reputation Management the buzzword these days for small and large businesses didn’t even exist a few years back. But branding and branding activities were not unknown at that time. Brand Management was still a priority for all organizations.

Brand Management is the application of marketing techniques that imply to a specific product or product line in order to make that product visible to the customer with the best perception in that particular niche. Even before internet came into existence brand management was an important aspect of any organization as it required focus and special attention from a branding manager. A brand is more important than the product; you can sell anything under a reputed brand even though no one knows about that product. People even in those times were as brand conscious as they are today.

Before the advent of internet managing your brand was quite a task as one would have to check for spots where maximum people could see and recognize the brand thus making an impact on the majority of the population. But internet has almost changed everything as one is able to reach millions of people with a simple click of mouse. One needs to have the knowledge and expertise to manage brands on the internet

One needs to follow some simple steps for brand management in order to have a tab on the way your brand is being received by the public. You need to search the search engine constantly with your brand name and products and business name for the kind of search results that are coming in. Make a website as it is of utmost importance in today’s business world as a good website is your face on the virtual world. Participation in online forums and blogs will surely give you an edge over your competitors. Social networking the buzzword in the virtual world these days needs to use to promote your brand as this has a far reaching effect in terms of brand recognition and online reputation.

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