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Online Reputation Management for the Top Management

16 Jul

If you are sitting on the top position of any organization chances are that you are a well known personality in that particular niche. It’s your reputation and the sills that you employ in your reputation management that are going to go a long way in deciding your standing in your particular industry and area. Making sure that your competitors don’t get to slander your reputation you need to be very sure about your online presence and the kind of results that are shown against your name on the search engines.

Your reputation is also the indicator of the reputation of the organization that you work for. Thus Reputation building here is directly proportional for the top management as well as the organization the top management is working for, which means if the top management does not hold a good reputation in the industry his or her organization will also take the beating. Thus if a CEO, CFO or COO does not have a really good reputation in the industry chances are that his or her organization will also be affected by it.

Building reputation a reputation will take years but it will take a few complaints on complaint portals and other review websites to mar that reputation within few weeks. Corporate reputation management is the answer to all these fears once you are at the top management level. Your name needs to reflect the ethics and all the good traits that your organization possesses.

Reputation is something that top Managers have earned over the years. Chances are that if these top managers ever make a switch from one organization to another the prospective new employer will make search for the name on the internet and see for any negative content cropping up wit the name of that top shot. Thus it’s your responsibility to be aware and manage any negative reports posted on the World Wide Web either by your competitors or some disgruntled ex-employee.

Normally Online Reputation management companies will start the process of online reputation management by creating positive content about you which is based upon the past works and achievements that you have done. Make sure that you pass on maximum information to these organizations. Next they will post this content in places where it matters most thus giving it maximum coverage. The promotions of this content will make sure that its available on the first and second pages of the search engines once someone searches for your name on any search engine.

It’s not only the Online Reputation Management Company that will be responsible for your reputation management even you need to be careful while using social media websites. Privacy setting here need to be controlled intelligently and you need to make sure that you have people in your network that you know personally.

Proactive Reputation management will be big deciding factor in making sure that you get a great opportunity or you miss out something that means a lot to you. Make sure that you have a proactive Online Reputation management strategy in place rather than pushing down some unwanted negative complaints which may take a long time.

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