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Reputation Management a holistic approach to be followed

1 Feb

A holistic approach is quite essential in reputation management as we have to be proactive and need to make sure that our reputation is not played around with by competitors and people who know nothing about our company. It’s a bit hard to follow the holistic approach but the fruits it reaps are immense.

Optimizing your current Website with Brand Name for good Business Reputation Management

You are a company that needs to look after its online reputation due to the increasing competition and the frequent updates by the search engines. The best practice is to optimize your website with the company name. Don’t just optimize the home page with the company name. On the contrary several pages should be optimized with your brand name for the search engines. This will surely help in bringing your website up the search results over the not so good pages over which you don’t have any control on the web.

Diversifying Web Presence to remove negative links

Own as many slots on the search engines as you can. Try and bring them on the top of the search engines so with internet marketing techniques. This will help you build dominance over links that are not in your control for example bad reviews on local listings and negative newspaper reports. Your Web presence needs to spread beyond your website on major social networking websites and other websites that form a part of your niche.

Managing Social Media optimally for building reputation

Social Media takes a lot of time and a big chunk of your online budget. If you are looking at cutting this cost make sure you are on LinkedIn and manage it properly as it is quite beneficial when working for B2B companies. Many people search on LinkedIn instead of Google to get professional services. Thus even if you are a freelancer or a professional who manages his own small concern LinkedIn can be the best bet for you along with your own website.

Linking Anchor Text for Brand Management

You need get quality links from websites that are working in the same industry. There are many techniques to do so. But there is a catch due to the penguin update which makes it sure that you are penalized if you get links from low quality websites. Apart from that the links you are getting should be from websites that are relevant to your business. Overdoing the linking on the anchor text may be a big reason for the loss of rankings of your website in the present scenario.

Monitor your Reputation regularly

You need to keep an eye on the search results regularly. Don’t just scan the first page of Google. Go till the third page as any negative URL may make its way up the search results overnight and you may be left squirming once a couple of negative results climb up the search results and are visible on the first page. Check if the negative content on the second and third page is under your control or not and then work out a strategy for yourself.

Contact the creator of negative reviews to restore reputation

In case you find negative content about your company while checking your reputation on the search results; contact the person who has posted that negative content about your company and check with him if you can do anything to change his negative sentiment into a positive one. If this action of yours is not fruitful make sure you comment on that post and provide you side of the story. If commenting is not possible publish your side of the story on the web and provide a link to the negative content so that genuine users and your clients are able to see what exactly you have to say.

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