Managing your Reputation with Repfixers with the Panda from Google

11 May

The recent updates in the Google Search Engine algorithms have sent many Online Reputation Management firms into a huddle where they are searching for the best strategies possible to make sure their reputation and branding campaigns do not suffer a penalty from the World’s largest and most used search engine. Keeping in line with its best practices, Repfixers – the online reputation management company has been able to hold on to the top rankings of search engines for its clients. While talking to people in Repfixers we were able to take out some points that will form the basis of a fool proof reputation and branding strategy for companies and individuals that have taken a hard beating due to the Panda and Penguin updates rolled out by Google now and then.

The need for changing of strategies is as old as the SEO industry itself informs many people who have been working in the SEO and Brand Management industry. When a particular strategy becomes the order of the day it’s time to either improvise it or think of something that can replace it. Some five years back hardcore link building was considered the best option to increase the position on SERP’s. Today Google informs that hardcore link building will not pay you dividends in the long run. Although you may be able to fool the search engines for some time but you need to get something substantial for your users and the search engines equally. Engagement of our target audience and creation of an interest for our products and services needs to be achieved at any cost informs Your Reputation  Management Company.

Interest and customer engagement can be achieved by many a methods where social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Myspace and many more play an important part. Thus Social Media has become almost an integral part of any Campaign where you need to increase the ROI or rankings for any website or business. One doesn’t have a choice. People simply love social media and are taking on it for almost anything and everything. Such has been the impact of Social Media in today’s internet marketing campaigns that organizations are having separate departments for Social Media and are taking it quite seriously as compared to five years back when social media was just a medium to find some high school buddies and connect with friends.

If you find a new tool or a new technique don’t think that you are the only ones who know this tool or technique. Everyone working in this industry knows the techniques and tasks. It’s how you use these tools that matters at the end of the day. And to know that you need to be proactive in researching, asking and sharing whatever has clicked for you. It’s an uncertain world for the non-planners but organizations that have planned their strategies and are looking out for new tools and techniques while implementing them with full confidence and creativity carving a niche for them is a mere cakewalk.

Reputation Managers at Repfixers make sure that they have access to the latest and the best techniques in the SEO and Internet marketing scenario. This has helped Repfixers carve a niche for itself in the Web world where even its competitors hold it in high reverence.

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