Using social Media in Reputation Management effectively

31 May

The role of social media in today’s Good Reputation Management industry is profound and cannot be ignored even by big brands that have brand recognition of their own due to a long standing in that niche or because of the quality they have been providing in their niche. Social Media has been amply used by reputation managers to make sure that their brand is recognized across the industry. Respect for the brand can be earned with a smart strategy on the World Wide Web.

Top Reputation Management professionals have advocated the use of a select few social media platforms instead of using a plethora of social media websites. The problem with using a large number of social media websites is that it becomes quite a tedious task to manage them all. However if you select a few of them that have brand value and recognition across the internet then you as a brand manager for your organization have a better chance of managing them efficiently. Top Social Media platforms that are a must for every reputation management company are twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook and of course lately Google Plus.

Creating a profile and leaving it unattended will not do any good for you in terms of brand management as it is not enough to take on the rankings. Instead create profiles on a select few and participate heavily on them. Networking with your target audience and peers will be of great help as its going to create a sense of trust. If you are active on any of the niche social media platforms chances are that they will surpass the big names in social media in terms of rankings on the SERPs. The profile you have created needs to carry the maximum amount of detail about your company. Don’t lose an opportunity to tell about yourself. Keep a consistency in your Bio that you are using across the Social Media Websites so that people can make out the connection on diverse websites.

While using a name of the social media websites avoid using pseudonyms. Instead use your first and last name or the name of your organization either as a single word or separated by hyphens. Make sure that you leverage your contacts. If you have email contacts send an invite to them to join you on the social media websites. If you have followers on twitter find them on Facebook or Google Plus and create a connection with them.

Relevance of the page is very important. In case the page looks unnatural or is stuffed with keywords the admin of the website may ban you. This runs a risk of loss of all the connections you have built so far. Invest in your social media activities especially if you are involved in keeping your reputation intact. A word of caution – Links from pages like Wikipedia are held in high esteem but on the contrary they may prove to be a burden on you instead of an asset as you don’t have any control on these free for all websites. A brand or individual is left to the mercy of the judgment of the moderators and editorial staff.

Work on websites where you are in total control of the content, comments, feedback and ratings especially while managing a reputation for a organization or individual. Relevant authentic participation on social media Websites is the key to success in any online reputation management campaign.

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