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Converting an angry customer into your brand ambassador for your reputation

9 Oct

Who makes your reputation? Who are the real brand ambassadors of your reputation? The answer is your customers and clients with whom you have been conducting business over the years. These are the people who need to be nurtured and cared as they will provide you with the much needed free publicity that will work in your favor for a long time. There’s an old concept in marketing that still holds good, if you satisfy one customer they are going to bring in 10 more and if you piss off one customer he is going to take away hundreds of customers along with him.

Customers for any organization are the most vital assets since the whole business revolves around them. Organizations that have been working in tandem with their clients and understands the needs and requirements and delivers what the market is asking or expecting from them never feels the need to run an Online Reputation Management campaign for itself. On the other hand such organizations and companies are responsible for setting benchmarks for other organizations in the industry.

With a plethora of clients that need to be handled chances are that you may not be able to deliver the same quality services at all times. It may sometimes happen that one of your clients is not really happy with the kind of treatment that he or she has received from one of your employees. While working with thousands of employees over hundreds of locations are quite tough to control and make sure that each of the employees provides the best services to clients. However training and frequent orientation programs can help your employees to have a set of skills that can be used to deal with tough customers.

If the tough customers are handled with empathy chances are they will tell people around them the excellent services your company and employees have been providing in the area. Being proactive while dealing with customer problems and concerns will always pay the brand in the long run. There are organizations that have built their reputation just by word of mouth of their clients.

Many a times angry customers may post something negative about your organization or about one of your employees on social media website or local listings like Yelp and Yellow Pages. Don’t ignore it because it cannot be deleted. Rather take it as a lesson. Get back to the customer regarding his or her problem or concern, sort it out and ask the customer to provide a positive feedback at the very same place where he or she had complained about you. It’s going to be a big boost to your reputation and brand building measures. You can also participate over there just to make your presence felt. This will assure your clients that you have ears to listen to their problems concerning your products and services.

Reach out to the customers via phone calls, emails or post cards. You need not wait for the festival season to start to do it rather contact them on their birthday with a personalized message. It may seem like an expense to many but this expense is worth spending. You can always look at you balance sheet to measure the amount of sales these kinds of activities have brought you in a particular accounting cycle.

Make sure you don’t lose your temper at any customer on public portals. Don’t taunt them just because they didn’t read the terms and conditions. In fact if one of your managers can call them up or email them regarding their concerns things in the online community will be great for you. Turning an irate customer into a brand ambassador looks quite tough but is achievable and once achieved it pays rich dividends to the organization in the long run.

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