When would a Top shot need Online Reputation Management?

14 Nov

Reputation Management for people sitting at the helm of affairs is crucial since the organization they are working for will be seen in good picture only if they have a good reputation on the World Wide Web. Managing your own reputation is not that tough with the availability of online tools and various reputation management companies out there to manage your reputation. So when do these CEO’s, CFO’s, CTO’s or even Presidents, Vice Presidents need reputation management? Well the answer would be every time they are in public glare. To cut a long story short reputation management is a continuous, long term and proactive. However there are instances when reputation management becomes a necessity for top bosses since they have a lot of aura to carry for them individually along with the organization they are associated with.

Given below are few instances that trigger a need to carry out an aggressive online reputation management campaign for top notch executives who are revered in their particular domains.

Name is similar to another person who is notorious

While checking your online reputation it is pertinent to search for your name regularly on the search engines. Chances are someone with a similar name has been involved in a wrongdoing and its showing in the top results. A top executive’s name rings a bell in the mind thus you need to make sure that such results don’t have an impact on your reputation. You need to spend a few dollars on managing your reputation for yourself.

Wrong timing of announcement of bonus

Top executives receive bonus and other incentives for their effort and intelligence they put in to increase the profits of the organization. The organizations reward them in the form of bonus and incentives from time to time. These bonuses and incentives are a result of the hard work and consistency shown by the executives from time to time. However it may sometimes happen that the industry along with the organization is going through a rough phase and the announcement of the bonus has already been made. This is sure enough going to show the Executives in wrong perspective. They will be shown as heartless men who are receiving fat pay checks in times of layoffs and economic slowdown. This is where the need for a Good Reputation Management company is felt.

Rants by former employees

Dissatisfied employees leaving the organization are a big reason for online reputation for top executives. Many of them have worked closely with these top shots and may portray the management in a bad shape. Truth or lies people believe them since they have worked with the company and have inside information. This kind of a situation where a former employee has decided to take on the previous organization’s bosses calls for a reputation management strategy for the whole organization.

Slandering techniques used by competing companies

Organizations that are in direct competition to yours will use all methods possible to tarnish your image in public since this will create a situation in the market where customers and prospective employees will think before conducting business with you. You need to be a step ahead from your competitors to make sure that your business is not affected with these types of campaigns. It’s not that you need to slander your competitors instead invest that time and money in building your own reputation.

The company has done badly in terms of profits

The business environment is volatile. The company may have earned profits in the yearend balance sheet but questions will be raised for the quarterly reports that have seen a decline in the profits for the organization and the top bosses will be blamed for the same.

It’s not that easy to stay at the helm of affairs since you need to manage many things at any given point of time. However there are organizations like Repfixers that will surely provide a breather for top notch executives by managing their online reputation while they are busy taking strategic decisions for their respective organizations.

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