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Online Reputation- A Key to Success While Searching for a Job

25 Nov

In earlier days, web presence for a business was not very common. The websites were just used to view company’s profile and products and was more or less an advertisement. However, in recent years, online marketing has evolved amazingly. It has become a need rather imperative for every business to be active on web and appear attractive and fresh. Usually, things are becoming easy with the concept of strong online reputation since businesses can connect to millions of users every day.

Furthermore, social media, forums and discussions have taken over the traditional ways of marketing. To maintain Online Reputation Supervision, content moderation is one of the most critical aspects. Online Reputation Management has evolved in recent years and has even given rise to techniques like SEO. Modern day marketers make use SEO by using content to increase their online reputation regulation. The idea is to capture the world of web.

Evolution of Online Reputation Management

Reputation Management Professionals must know the necessary marketing techniques to enhance the online reputation which is a key to success while searching for a job. The concept of online reputation administration is vital in today’s digitized scenario where folks preferably visit the websites to get an overview of the company and its products. With Internet being a full-fledged market, it is imperative for any company to cater the needs of millions of users visiting your portfolio to maintain steady business and providing leads. It is directly proportional to the online reputation management. The users visiting the online presence of the business defines the reputation management of the company online.

Online Presence Set a Perception Among Users

The common perception among folks looking for a good job in any company is made through its website, social media pages and its role on web. Usually, candidates are likely to get attracted towards the businesses with strong online reputation management.

Businesses usually conduct several campaigns online to enhance their reputation management. The two most crucial campaigns are- proactive campaign and the reactive campaign. When a company is new and is yet to establish in the internet world, proactive campaigns are deployed to enhance the reputation. However, reactive campaigns are deployed by the market players during clean-up process. Though perceptions vary from business to business and users to users but a single negative comment about the business online can spoil the reputation. Therefore it is always preferable to use the marketing techniques effectively and keep an eye on the online world simultaneously.

An Important Key in Every aspect of business

Maintaining a steady presence online is important for every aspect of business. Be it A job search, be it leads, be it reputation, online presence is must in every scenario. Looking at the need of strong online reputation organization, companies have deployed a whole department to cope with up with growing needs of market.

The reputation management specialists are specialized in their work. They work out on various market and business techniques that can help their company be ahead in the online world. Be it social media, forums, blogs or websites, all are worked out keeping in mind the reputation administration.

Make sure, you deploy all the professional tools in the market to improve and build a strong online reputation. Being a key to success while searching for a job, online reputation has become a critical concept which can’t be neglected at any cost. Though online status management has evolved drastically in previous some years yet it is expected that businesses might see the revolutionized version in years to come.

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When would a Top shot need Online Reputation Management?

14 Nov

Reputation Management for people sitting at the helm of affairs is crucial since the organization they are working for will be seen in good picture only if they have a good reputation on the World Wide Web. Managing your own reputation is not that tough with the availability of online tools and various reputation management companies out there to manage your reputation. So when do these CEO’s, CFO’s, CTO’s or even Presidents, Vice Presidents need reputation management? Well the answer would be every time they are in public glare. To cut a long story short reputation management is a continuous, long term and proactive. However there are instances when reputation management becomes a necessity for top bosses since they have a lot of aura to carry for them individually along with the organization they are associated with.

Given below are few instances that trigger a need to carry out an aggressive online reputation management campaign for top notch executives who are revered in their particular domains.

Name is similar to another person who is notorious

While checking your online reputation it is pertinent to search for your name regularly on the search engines. Chances are someone with a similar name has been involved in a wrongdoing and its showing in the top results. A top executive’s name rings a bell in the mind thus you need to make sure that such results don’t have an impact on your reputation. You need to spend a few dollars on managing your reputation for yourself.

Wrong timing of announcement of bonus

Top executives receive bonus and other incentives for their effort and intelligence they put in to increase the profits of the organization. The organizations reward them in the form of bonus and incentives from time to time. These bonuses and incentives are a result of the hard work and consistency shown by the executives from time to time. However it may sometimes happen that the industry along with the organization is going through a rough phase and the announcement of the bonus has already been made. This is sure enough going to show the Executives in wrong perspective. They will be shown as heartless men who are receiving fat pay checks in times of layoffs and economic slowdown. This is where the need for a Good Reputation Management company is felt.

Rants by former employees

Dissatisfied employees leaving the organization are a big reason for online reputation for top executives. Many of them have worked closely with these top shots and may portray the management in a bad shape. Truth or lies people believe them since they have worked with the company and have inside information. This kind of a situation where a former employee has decided to take on the previous organization’s bosses calls for a reputation management strategy for the whole organization.

Slandering techniques used by competing companies

Organizations that are in direct competition to yours will use all methods possible to tarnish your image in public since this will create a situation in the market where customers and prospective employees will think before conducting business with you. You need to be a step ahead from your competitors to make sure that your business is not affected with these types of campaigns. It’s not that you need to slander your competitors instead invest that time and money in building your own reputation.

The company has done badly in terms of profits

The business environment is volatile. The company may have earned profits in the yearend balance sheet but questions will be raised for the quarterly reports that have seen a decline in the profits for the organization and the top bosses will be blamed for the same.

It’s not that easy to stay at the helm of affairs since you need to manage many things at any given point of time. However there are organizations like Repfixers that will surely provide a breather for top notch executives by managing their online reputation while they are busy taking strategic decisions for their respective organizations.

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Converting an angry customer into your brand ambassador for your reputation

9 Oct

Who makes your reputation? Who are the real brand ambassadors of your reputation? The answer is your customers and clients with whom you have been conducting business over the years. These are the people who need to be nurtured and cared as they will provide you with the much needed free publicity that will work in your favor for a long time. There’s an old concept in marketing that still holds good, if you satisfy one customer they are going to bring in 10 more and if you piss off one customer he is going to take away hundreds of customers along with him.

Customers for any organization are the most vital assets since the whole business revolves around them. Organizations that have been working in tandem with their clients and understands the needs and requirements and delivers what the market is asking or expecting from them never feels the need to run an Online Reputation Management campaign for itself. On the other hand such organizations and companies are responsible for setting benchmarks for other organizations in the industry.

With a plethora of clients that need to be handled chances are that you may not be able to deliver the same quality services at all times. It may sometimes happen that one of your clients is not really happy with the kind of treatment that he or she has received from one of your employees. While working with thousands of employees over hundreds of locations are quite tough to control and make sure that each of the employees provides the best services to clients. However training and frequent orientation programs can help your employees to have a set of skills that can be used to deal with tough customers.

If the tough customers are handled with empathy chances are they will tell people around them the excellent services your company and employees have been providing in the area. Being proactive while dealing with customer problems and concerns will always pay the brand in the long run. There are organizations that have built their reputation just by word of mouth of their clients.

Many a times angry customers may post something negative about your organization or about one of your employees on social media website or local listings like Yelp and Yellow Pages. Don’t ignore it because it cannot be deleted. Rather take it as a lesson. Get back to the customer regarding his or her problem or concern, sort it out and ask the customer to provide a positive feedback at the very same place where he or she had complained about you. It’s going to be a big boost to your reputation and brand building measures. You can also participate over there just to make your presence felt. This will assure your clients that you have ears to listen to their problems concerning your products and services.

Reach out to the customers via phone calls, emails or post cards. You need not wait for the festival season to start to do it rather contact them on their birthday with a personalized message. It may seem like an expense to many but this expense is worth spending. You can always look at you balance sheet to measure the amount of sales these kinds of activities have brought you in a particular accounting cycle.

Make sure you don’t lose your temper at any customer on public portals. Don’t taunt them just because they didn’t read the terms and conditions. In fact if one of your managers can call them up or email them regarding their concerns things in the online community will be great for you. Turning an irate customer into a brand ambassador looks quite tough but is achievable and once achieved it pays rich dividends to the organization in the long run.

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Importance of Reputation Management for Professionals

20 Jul

Millions of dollars are spent every year by top notch organizations to maintain their reputation in the real and online world. Reputation Management strategies vary according to the industry these organizations are working along with the needs and behaviors of the target audience. Reputation Management is as important to professionals engaged in various trades as it is to the organizations that have been conducting business and earning profits some out of sheer good reputation that they have built over the years.

Numerous professionals working in different niches are waking to the stark reality of managing their reputation almost the same way as is being done by large organizations and corporations. An individual working in any industry needs to carry a reputation that attracts clients and new customers to him or her.


A Doctor who carries the reputation of treating his patients with precision and in a short time span is one who will attract more and more patients to his or her clinic. A doctor or a dentist may be the best in a given area but unless people know about him or her chances are bleak that any patients will come to his clinic. Doctors need to maintain a public reputation that does all the talking for them on the professional and personal front. This can be done with the help of word of mouth or by launching a social media campaign for oneself. The social media campaign that you launch needs to be handled by professionals who know their job well and are well versed with the working of the social media networks and other nitty gritties of the online world.

Architects and Real Estate Agents

Freelance Architects and Real Estate agents need to protect their reputation aggressively since the competition in both these niches is too tough. Apart from skills and expertise in an architect and a real estate agent one needs to have a good brand name in the local area so that you are never short of clients. People in your area should be able to recognize you by your name and the niche in which you work. The reputation in these sectors needs quite a lot of time to develop. To keep the reputation that you have developed a lot of effort is required which if outsourced to organizations like Repfixers will go a long way in your brand building.


Lawyers need to be very particular about their reputation since the cases they are going to get depends upon the number of cases they have won for their clients along with the kind of reputation they hold in the legal fraternity. People needing legal aid tend to check a lawyer’s reputation on Google or dedicated law directories that present a holistic view about the lawyer. It is important for a lawyer to be at the right place with all the right information for prospective clients especially on the world wide web since it is the most widely used medium to check the reputation of a lawyer.


Top notch Managers especially the ones who have reached the position of a CEO, CFO, Chief Strategist etc. need to maintain their reputation in their respective niche since hiring at these positions happens only on the basis of reputation and brand value of an individual. Stock prices of organizations have a tendency to go up and down on a mere policy statement of these top notch managers. They have the power to turn the market wind. These professionals represent the brand which they are working with each move of theirs warrants a critical analysis from peers and competitors alike.

Reputation Management for individual professionals is as important as brand building for any organization. A wrong move on the World Wide Web takes a long time to be mended thus PR agencies or Reputation Management companies like Repfixers can prove to be a great help to all these professionals in keeping their reputation at the best.

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Sowing the seeds for a good reputation on the Web

29 Jun

A few days ago while referring to reputation management company it absolutely was deduced that social media marketing performed a crucial role in adjusting the reputation associated with a brand name plus an individual. Well the part connected with social media is often disregarded however , you can’t keep on being unaltered along with it. People have adopted to social media presenting their particular genuine views with regards to a brand or even an particular person. As a brand as well as individual within the public eye you require to have a robust along with aggressive presence upon social media to keep your reputation flag flying high. Don’t overreact as well as under react upon social media. You must have to get the optimum response to any kind of problem over there. When you are too busy or don’t sense that handling your current social networking actions on your own leave it to reputation management companies such as Repfixers as they are professionally qualified and know their own job much better than any person everyday.

Alongside social media there are a lot of additional circumstances that should be looked after while controlling your own reputation. Even though effect of these elements can be thought after having a long time yet as an individual performing a reputation with regard to your current brand there isn’t any chance that you’ll overlook it.

Have Domain Name like your company name for the right success inside Reputation Management

The initial along with foremost move to make in every reputation management campaign for a reputation management company will be to secure the actual websites that concur with the actual brand name. Now the particular brand name can be an individual or simply a company that’s looking ahead to be able to deal with its reputation. Domain names just like Companyname-reviews are a great decision. You might be providing your prospects a platform to supply opinions relating to your brand that may not be generally there on your internet site. The good thing in terms of reputation management would be that the reviews and feedback from the audience is usually moderated by you easily. However, there is a catch! You need to ensure that opinions over there are usually balanced. Don’t just let favorable things rest there.

It’s not just companyname-reviews that must be claimed as well as possessed by an individual there are various other variations you can think of in addition to promote online. The practice cannot harm you in any event. It’s likely that you will see a good impetus to your already running marketing campaigns.

Playing around with low quality back links

These kind of back-links are two edged swords. They could benefit you for a while however when the particular search engines like yahoo conceive to obtain your link profile in order they are to blame for heavy deficits experienced when it comes to slump or even rankings and decrease of online traffic that should hurt your own reputation any time. The best in addition to well-balanced game to play right here would be to point low quality links to your social profiles that you have designed. Point all of the high quality links into your self managed domains. Your self managed internet domain names will be your main website as well as the various other website variants that you have invested in to handle your current reputation. Pay attention to Do Follow and No Follow Links, Wikis using sketchy reputation as well as URL’s which are ordered in lieu of currency plus the latest URL’s from not related themes.

Start off another Blog

Beginning a Blog to your brand is a thing that you’ll be able to focus on while controlling your current reputation. Be sure the name of the Blog corresponds to your name so that persons are capable of identify along with you. This is an chance to showcase your own core skills and something brand new that’s taking place in your company or your trade. Don’t undermine the strength of blogging within Reputation Management it’s even now powerful and also there are many brands which have been still there making profits as well as a identify simply because of their Blogs.

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Article Source:- http://onlinereputation-repfixer.blogspot.in/2013/06/taking-giant-leaps-for-your-reputation.html

Using social Media in Reputation Management effectively

31 May

The role of social media in today’s Good Reputation Management industry is profound and cannot be ignored even by big brands that have brand recognition of their own due to a long standing in that niche or because of the quality they have been providing in their niche. Social Media has been amply used by reputation managers to make sure that their brand is recognized across the industry. Respect for the brand can be earned with a smart strategy on the World Wide Web.

Top Reputation Management professionals have advocated the use of a select few social media platforms instead of using a plethora of social media websites. The problem with using a large number of social media websites is that it becomes quite a tedious task to manage them all. However if you select a few of them that have brand value and recognition across the internet then you as a brand manager for your organization have a better chance of managing them efficiently. Top Social Media platforms that are a must for every reputation management company are twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook and of course lately Google Plus.

Creating a profile and leaving it unattended will not do any good for you in terms of brand management as it is not enough to take on the rankings. Instead create profiles on a select few and participate heavily on them. Networking with your target audience and peers will be of great help as its going to create a sense of trust. If you are active on any of the niche social media platforms chances are that they will surpass the big names in social media in terms of rankings on the SERPs. The profile you have created needs to carry the maximum amount of detail about your company. Don’t lose an opportunity to tell about yourself. Keep a consistency in your Bio that you are using across the Social Media Websites so that people can make out the connection on diverse websites.

While using a name of the social media websites avoid using pseudonyms. Instead use your first and last name or the name of your organization either as a single word or separated by hyphens. Make sure that you leverage your contacts. If you have email contacts send an invite to them to join you on the social media websites. If you have followers on twitter find them on Facebook or Google Plus and create a connection with them.

Relevance of the page is very important. In case the page looks unnatural or is stuffed with keywords the admin of the website may ban you. This runs a risk of loss of all the connections you have built so far. Invest in your social media activities especially if you are involved in keeping your reputation intact. A word of caution – Links from pages like Wikipedia are held in high esteem but on the contrary they may prove to be a burden on you instead of an asset as you don’t have any control on these free for all websites. A brand or individual is left to the mercy of the judgment of the moderators and editorial staff.

Work on websites where you are in total control of the content, comments, feedback and ratings especially while managing a reputation for a organization or individual. Relevant authentic participation on social media Websites is the key to success in any online reputation management campaign.

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Managing your Reputation with Repfixers with the Panda from Google

11 May

The recent updates in the Google Search Engine algorithms have sent many Online Reputation Management firms into a huddle where they are searching for the best strategies possible to make sure their reputation and branding campaigns do not suffer a penalty from the World’s largest and most used search engine. Keeping in line with its best practices, Repfixers – the online reputation management company has been able to hold on to the top rankings of search engines for its clients. While talking to people in Repfixers we were able to take out some points that will form the basis of a fool proof reputation and branding strategy for companies and individuals that have taken a hard beating due to the Panda and Penguin updates rolled out by Google now and then.

The need for changing of strategies is as old as the SEO industry itself informs many people who have been working in the SEO and Brand Management industry. When a particular strategy becomes the order of the day it’s time to either improvise it or think of something that can replace it. Some five years back hardcore link building was considered the best option to increase the position on SERP’s. Today Google informs that hardcore link building will not pay you dividends in the long run. Although you may be able to fool the search engines for some time but you need to get something substantial for your users and the search engines equally. Engagement of our target audience and creation of an interest for our products and services needs to be achieved at any cost informs Your Reputation  Management Company.

Interest and customer engagement can be achieved by many a methods where social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Myspace and many more play an important part. Thus Social Media has become almost an integral part of any Campaign where you need to increase the ROI or rankings for any website or business. One doesn’t have a choice. People simply love social media and are taking on it for almost anything and everything. Such has been the impact of Social Media in today’s internet marketing campaigns that organizations are having separate departments for Social Media and are taking it quite seriously as compared to five years back when social media was just a medium to find some high school buddies and connect with friends.

If you find a new tool or a new technique don’t think that you are the only ones who know this tool or technique. Everyone working in this industry knows the techniques and tasks. It’s how you use these tools that matters at the end of the day. And to know that you need to be proactive in researching, asking and sharing whatever has clicked for you. It’s an uncertain world for the non-planners but organizations that have planned their strategies and are looking out for new tools and techniques while implementing them with full confidence and creativity carving a niche for them is a mere cakewalk.

Reputation Managers at Repfixers make sure that they have access to the latest and the best techniques in the SEO and Internet marketing scenario. This has helped Repfixers carve a niche for itself in the Web world where even its competitors hold it in high reverence.

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